Me and My Nana

About the show

We’re visiting Nana today!

What surprises has she got up her sleeve? Perhaps a magical stick, some dancing shoes, a special ribbon and a duck that goes… moo?

Joyful surprises are discovered alongside tender moments between a grandmother and her grandchild as they navigate a day together in this theatrical experience for preschoolers and their grownups.

Created from workshops with real grandparents in the Christchurch community, Me and My Nana is brought to life by Cubbin Theatre Company. This lively story, told with clever props, simple language and nostalgic tunes, celebrates the unique love children share with their grandparents.

Everyone is welcome to Me and My Nana. It has been created mainly for children aged 1-5 and their grown-ups.

Cast :

Melanie Luckman
Hannah Wheeler
Hester Ullyart
Amy Straker


“…gentle, whimsical and wholesome – everything one would want for a show designed for under 5s…”

Theatreview, New Zealand

“…love, play and the joy of discovery are palpable..”

Backstage Christchurch, New Zealand

“The songs, strums and snare of the two musicians…act mostly as a soundtrack. At times the soaring voices are so sweet we have to look beyond the actors to these songbirds. Oh to sing like that, to offer such gifts…”

Theatreview, New Zealand


Do I have to be a grandparent to attend?

Not at all! This show is great for parents, friends, rellies, anyone who cares about young children and would like to bring them to the show. While there is a Nana in the title, the show is about all special relationships between older adults and young children.

Can I bring my older children?

Yes! Anyone and everyone is welcome to Me and My Nana. The show has been made specifically for 1-5 year olds but we think everyone will enjoy it! Every one will need their own ticket except babies in arms who get to come for free.

How long is the show?

The performance lasts approximately 30 minutes plus time for a wee play afterwards.

Where will we sit?

You and your child can choose to sit on the floor near the playing space, or on the raked seating.

Does my child need to sit still and be quiet?

No! We’re really keen to encourage the children to respond however they like.

Me and My Nana is not an interactive show as such, but however children choose to respond will be welcomed. That’s part of the excitement of live theatre and we are well versed in interacting with our audience.

I’m running late! Can I come in after the start time?

Absolutely! You are welcome to come and go from the space whenever you wish during the performance.

Do I need two tickets for me and my child?

Yes. One bum, one ticket! Babes-in-arms can come for no charge. If your child is able to walk into the theatre by themselves then they need a ticket. For more details please see the ticketing website for the venue you wish to attend.

Will I enjoy the performance too?

We hope so! If you have any other queries or concerns please contact our friendly team at

Past shows

  • 11 - 14 April 2024
    Cloisters Studio
  • 14 - 14 April 2021
    Festival of Colour. Wanaka
  • 20 - 20 March 2021
    Made in Canterbury Festival, Christchurch
  • 02 - 05 November 2019
    Little Andromeda, Christchurch

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