Cubbin Concert

13 Jun - 16 Jun '24
Cloisters Studio
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28 Nov - 01 Dec '24
Cloisters Studio
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About the show

We’re bringing our special brand of music to you!

Join Cubbin Theatre Company and musical friends for a 40 minute concert of your favourite nursery rhymes, original Cubbin tunes and a few surprises.

Cubbin Concerts are a creative, joyous musical experience for you and your little ones, tailored especially for audiences under 5.

Cast :

Hannah Wheeler
Amy Straker


Can I bring my older children?

Yes! Anyone and everyone is welcome to a Cubbin Concert. The show has been made specifically for 1-5 year olds but we think everyone will enjoy it! Everyone will need their own ticket except babies under 6 months old who get to come for free.

I’m running late! Can I come after the start time?

Absolutely! You are welcome to come and go from the space whenever you wish during the performance.

How long is the show?

The performance lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Where can I change my little one?

There are toilets and changing facilities in the North Quad of the Arts Centre.

Will it be loud and busy?

Not like an adult concert!

The show will have live instruments and singing and it will be amplified, but to a level that is suitable for little ears.

The concerts will be seated like a regular theatre show, so not as intimate at Up and Away, but there will be room for kids to move around if they need to (and they always need to!).

Does my child have to sit down and be quiet?

No! We’re really keen to encourage the children to respond however they like.

The concert is not an interactive show as such, but however children choose to respond will be welcomed. That’s part of the excitement of live theatre and we are well versed in interacting with our audience.

Do I need two tickets for me and my child?

Yes. One bum, one ticket! Babies under six months can come for no charge.

Will I enjoy the performance too?

We hope so! If you have any other queries or concerns please contact our friendly team at

Where will we sit?

All the venues have chairs for you and your child to sit on. Some venues will have an area at the front for you both to sit on the floor if you choose.

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