Up and Away

17 Oct - 20 Oct '24
Cloisters Studio
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About the show

Up and Away is a playful and gentle theatrical performance created exclusively for babies and their grown ups.

Fragments of everyday life are elevated from the ordinary to the exquisite, through the exploration of live music and play.

A cosy and safe atmosphere is created by way of a small number of attendees and a requirement that only pre-walking babies may attend. Up and Away takes place in a carefully crafted open-sided tent.

Through this created sense of calm, babies are given an optimal environment from which to engage and explore along with their caregiver. We encourage the audience to come as they are. Every baby will respond differently to the performance, and we embrace and welcome that.

Up and Away is informed by current neuroscientific research and has been developed in consultation with a speech and language therapist.

Cast :

Melanie Luckman
Amy Straker
Hannah Wheeler


“…much of the show’s joy is in watching the infants engage not only with the performers and their caregivers but with one another”

Theatreview, New Zealand

“…a gentle, heart-warming show… The reactions… ranged from awestruck silence to excited shouting”

What’s Up Christchurch, New Zealand

“…Baby theatre is one such brain-building experience.”

The Spinoff, New Zealand
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Your visit

Feeding baby

No matter how you feed your baby you are welcome to do so during the show


There are restrooms at the venue plus we will have a change area (with emergency wipes etc!)

Pram parking

We have designed the room to include a space where prams can be stored

Car parking

The venue has plenty of parking. You can check out where the venues are on the event website


Can I bring my older children?

We want your baby to have a great first experience of theatre, so we’ve set our age guidance for Up and Away to reflect this (pre-walking babies). The show will be sensory and a very new environment for a lot of little ones (and parents!). We want everyone to feel totally relaxed, so this means we don’t want our very youngest audience members to be overwhelmed by children who might be slightly too old for the performance. We will have shows coming up soon for children who are a little older.

Can I come if I don’t have a baby with me?

Yes you can. We understand that sometimes families want to bring more than one grown up to accompany baby on their exciting theatre experience, or grown ups want to come and see what all the fuss is about. The babies are our most important audience members and our show is specifically designed to be a uniquely intimate experience between carer and baby, however there are a very limited number of tickets available for extra grownups. You can get more information at the ticketing website for the event you want to attend or send us a message on hello@cubbin.co.nz.

How long is the show?

The performance lasts between 30 and 40 minutes. This includes an opportunity at the end for the babies (and you) to stay and play under the tent.

Where will we sit?

You and your baby can sit on the floor on a cosy collection of cushions, or there will be some comfy chairs for those who find it difficult to sit on the floor.

Does my baby need to sit still and be quiet?

No! We’re really keen to encourage the babies to respond however they like – gurgling, laughing, commenting (if they’ve started talking!), or hiccupping! They’re also welcome to explore the space however they choose. If your baby does get unsettled by this new experience (even though it’s been designed to be a relaxing introduction to theatre), we often find that by you simply standing up and moving slightly further away relaxes them enough for them to stay watching the performance. Obviously, if your baby gets really upset, then it’s a good idea to take them outside but you’re very welcome to come back in as soon as they’ve had a feed or a cuddle and calmed down.

Can I feed my baby during the show?

Absolutely! The babies’ comfort is most important to us. No matter how you feed your baby you are welcome to do so during the show.

I’m running late! Can I come in after the start time?

Absolutely! You will be welcome to come and go from the space whenever you wish during the performance, our usher team will be on hand to help you in and out of the performance space.

I need to change my baby during the show, do I need to leave?

All of our venues have baby changing facilities nearby, or if you would prefer to not leave the performance space we have a baby change station set up in the room. You are welcome to leave the tent to change your baby and then rejoin when you are ready.

Will I enjoy the performance too?

We hope so! If you have any other queries or concerns please contact our friendly team at hello@cubbin.co.nz

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