Play Play

07 Nov - 08 Nov '20
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18 Nov - 22 Nov '20
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About the show

Look what my body can do!

PLAY PLAY is an uplifting theatre show for preschoolers and their grownups focusing on body positivity and play.

Two performers explore every day activities through movement and music, making the familiar feel like a great adventure!

Current research shows how vital play is for young children. PLAY PLAY presents a positive, nurturing approach to physical play, looking at the amazing things our bodies can do. PLAY PLAY provides a platform for little ones and their grown ups to connect with their bodies in a creative way and focuses not on size and shape but on imagination and possibilities.

Come and play!

Cast :

Melanie Luckman
Hamish Oliver
Amy Straker
Reylene Rose Hilaga
Stage Manager and Operator
Juliet Robertson


“Play Play is a real delight. It charms the adults, engages the children, and works to build the audiences of the future.”

Theatreview, New Zealand

“Play Play is the second show from Cubbin Theatre Company, a group that creates theatrical experiences for the very young. Their first show, Up and Away, was a delightful performance for infants. This production, directed again by Mel Luckman, is aimed at three to four year olds (and their adults), and it offers an energetic and playful experience that emphasises movement and creativity.”

Theatreview, New Zealand


Can I bring my older children?

Yes! Anyone and everyone is welcome to Play Play. The show has been made specifically for 3-4 year olds but we think everyone will enjoy it! Every one will need their own ticket except babies in arms who get to come for free.

How long is the show?

The performance lasts approximately 40 minutes.

Where will we sit?

You and your child can sit on the floor near the playing space, or there will be some comfy chairs for those who don’t want to sit on the floor.

Does my child need to sit still and be quiet?

No! We’re really keen to encourage the children to respond however they like.

There is an element of observation and listening to Play Play but however children wish to respond will be welcomed. That’s part of the excitement of live theatre!

Where is the Gloucester Room?

When you arrive at the Isaac Theatre Royal you will be met by our Front of House team who will show you how to get up to the Gloucester Room on the first floor. There is a lift available and plenty of space to park prams.

I’m running late! Can I come in after the start time?

Absolutely! You are welcome to come and go from the space whenever you wish during the performance.

Do I need to buy two tickets for me and my child?

Yes. One bum, one ticket! Babes-in-arms can come for no charge. If your child is able to walk into the theatre by themselves then they need a ticket.

Where is the venue and where will I park?

The Isaac Theatre Royal is on Gloucester Street, right next to New Regent Street, just across from the Turanga (the new library) and a short walk from the Margaret Mahy Playground. There are plenty of paid carparks around the corner of Gloucester and Manchester Streets.

Will I enjoy the performance too?

We hope so! If you have any other queries or concerns please contact our friendly team at

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Past shows

  • 05 - 05 December 2019
    NASDA Studio, Christchurch
  • 10 - 15 November 2018
    Isaac Theatre Royal, Christchurch

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